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I offer several services: longarm quilting, patchwork and appliqué workshops and small items made to commission. In the past I've also made quilts to commission as well as Church or School banners for Walking Days and permanent display.

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Banners and Commissioned Quilts

For now, I'm not making any banners or quilts to commission.  Working full time is interfering seriously with my ability to sew huge textiles, who knew?!   I'm leaving the information up here, just incase I ever change my mind and want to start again.  Sorry to tease, folks...

The table below the images of some of my banners shows the starting prices for simple pieced banner  / quilt designs in the sizes shown.  As you will see, prices are worked out on the basis of the actual size, so if you would like a banner or quilt that was, for example, 70x70” the cost would be reworked to reflect the actual number of square inches in the quilt, at 6p per square inch.  Suggestions for simple designs can be supplied on request, and if you have a design in mind that you would particularly like, I can work out a price for you.  More complex designs and appliqué will entail higher prices.   As a rough guide, a design incorporating some simple appliqué will cost half as much again, whilst designs predominantly based on appliqué or with intricate piecing would cost approximately double.  Banners or quilts with complicated embellishments incur additional charges.

The cost includes:

- design and drafting of the pattern and fabric requirements
- banner / quilt’s top fabric      
- piecing thread   
- backing fabric
- batting
- quilting thread
- hanging sleeve (banners only)
- plus, of course, the work to piece, quilt and bind your banner or quilt.

All thread and fabric is 100% cotton.  Batting is Hobbs 80:20 unless you prefer a different brand.

Square inches
Price £
3’ x 4’
36” x 48”
3’ x 5’
36” x 60”
4’ x 5’
48” x 60”
5’ x 6’
60 x 72”

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