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I offer several services: longarm quilting, patchwork and appliqué workshops and small items made to commission. In the past I've also made quilts to commission as well as Church or School banners for Walking Days and permanent display.

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Longarm Quilting - Quilt Preparation

Quilt top

*  Press seams flat - to one side is better than pressing quilt top seams open.
*  Remove any thread tails.
*  Make sure your quilt top is square.  If your quilt starts off a wobbly shape, it will still be a wobbly shape after I’ve quilted it.  I live in a Vicarage but I can’t perform miracles!
*  Stay-stitching 1/8” from the edge of your top will ensure the seams hold firm and do not come adrift under tension on the frame.


*  Should be 4” larger than the quilt top on each side 
- eg 48” x 58” for a 40” x 50” quilt.

Backing fabric

*  Should also be 4” larger than the quilt top on each side, as above.
*  Please square your backing fabric.
*  You will achieve a much better end result if you wash your backing fabric.  I know this involves irritating pressing of a huge piece of fabric, but in my experience the stitch quality on the back of your quilt will be immeasurably improved if your backing has been washed and pressed.  Some fabric you could get away with, but some has too much finish on it.  You have been warned! 
*  If you’ve pieced your backing, press your seams open and stay-stitch 1/8” from the edge of the quilt top in those places.

I use 100% cotton thread - Signature or Robison Anton.  I will discuss colour options with you.