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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Half term

A half-term finish - can you guess what it is?

Full points if you said it's a fabric envelope for a sweet boy's 'Lifestory Book' his Mum keeps so he'll always know about his birth family.  Sorry, you can't see the whole of the front because I need to keep his name off my blog.  The lizard is because - well he likes lizards,  Also, rugby and vehicles, hence the rugby ball hidden under the scissors and the vehicles on the flap.  On which I put two poppers, even though the flap was really a bit thick and the hammer was near my thumb and fingers and scary.

Next mystery item.

Letters for the reverse of the school banner.  When I've worked up the necessary nerve to get my humungous piece of plywood down and iron them all in place I'll be able to start sewing them all in place.  Hurrah, dozens of letters to sew round!  (Actually, that's not a problem, I quite like the precision of doing that - the difficulty is that the piece of fabric is so big to manoeuvre about, and you end up with unsewn letters trying to peel off because they're getting mauled in the manoeuvring.)  Anyway, the nerve almost came upon me yesterday, but was elbowed out of the way by the reality that Mothering Sunday is only a week away, and the gift situation hadn't been entirely - well - sewn up...more on that after next weekend!

I also started a non-quilty, non-businessy project during half-term with this little lot.

It's grown really quickly, I think because I'm using a bigger hook than recommended on the ball band, which feels like cheating somehow.  (Although I'm not sure who's watching me - the crochet police?)

Gotta love the stripy rows!

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  1. ooh love the stripes, it has grown very quickly, my granny stripe blanket is turning into a 2 year project!!! Love the lizard book, catx