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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Together, in faith

The banner for St. Elphin’s School is complete, and I’ve handed it over – it’s a bit like giving away a child after so long!

I’ve really enjoyed making this banner, and I think that’s partly because the fabrics in it are so beautiful.  Why have one or two colours when you can have dozens?  I do love making things with lots of colour.

This is the reverse, which will be on show when the school walks with the banner at Warrington Walking Day each year.  You can see some of the quilting radiating out from the centre.

A close up of the quilting -  I wanted it to be reminiscent of flames, as there is a candle in the centre of the design to symbolise the light of Christ at the heart of the school.

I added the candle and flame after the quilting was complete, as I wanted them to be prominent.  The candle is a lovely ivory silk and the flame – well, something man-made and glimmery that was – ahem – ‘interesting’ to work with!

As well as (hopefully) being something pretty to look at as it hangs in the school, I hope the banner does inspire those who see it to learn, care, serve and share in the strength of Christ at the centre of their lives. 

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