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I offer several services: longarm quilting, patchwork and appliqué workshops and small items made to commission. In the past I've also made quilts to commission as well as Church or School banners for Walking Days and permanent display.

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Embroidered canvases

As promised, my 'exciting' method for finishing stitcheries - well, I was excited, because it entailed the purchase and use of one of these:

So that I could do this:

and make lovely speedy projects like these:

All smoothed nice and flat and stapled firmly in place, and easy to hang!  (Val and Mike, sure you're not reading but if you are this is not a late Wedding gift, it's an early first anniversary gift, so stop looking at it please...)

Thought you'd like another look at my shiny beast of a staplegun.  I have another, slightly larger project underway with it at present: more soon!

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