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Sunday, 23 February 2014

The benefits of a large dining room...

...only really become apparent when twenty people turn up for Stitch and Chat and you realise your kitchen table will fit on the end of your dining table.  Living in a Vicarage means there are a lot of rooms to keep clean, but also that in those rooms you can squirrel away more chairs than you might realise, thus providing seats for lots of bottoms all at once!  This was February's turnout.  In January we had two dozen, so maybe I did something wrong and put four off this month? 

Most people here are being good and making what they're suppoosed to be making, which was an embroidered key holder, but a rebel on the end here was making 6" crochet squares.  We let her off, on the basis that she's set herself the target of making a thousand squares before the end of July to yarn bomb the school where she's a Governor for their centenary.  In January I taught her how to crochet, so really this is quite a task.  Don't worry, we're all helping her, she won't be making all one thousand on her own! 

Next month we're making the cute little mouse I showed you in January.  I'm preparing lots of kits, just in case hoards turn up again, but there may be mice for sale in Donna Marie's if we have a wet and windy night and people stay home!

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