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Saturday, 10 November 2012

In print!

Rather excitingly, one of my projects has been published in the December issue of 'Popular Patchwork' magazine, which went on sale yesterday.

I'm even on the cover - the 'Everlasting Calendar' there on the top left.

I made my original calendar over a year ago now, and we did a version of it in the January, February and March 'Stitch and Chat' nights I hold at the Vicarage each month.  I also gifted kits to several family members last Christmas so it was thoroughly tested!  I added a border to the version I eventually made for the magazine.

There is a little circular charm for each month of the year and the idea is that each month the relevant charm is turned to its embroidered side.  So, in the photograph above you can see that it was March, and the little baby bird is showing.

Here you can see all the charms on their embroidered side.  I loved making the charms, there was something very satisfying somehow about how neatly they came together.

Here they are before I attached them to the calendar.

They remind me a bit of macaroons!

I'm waiting now for my calendar to come home after being photographed for the magazine : I miss it!  In the meantime, I'm still making charms for another little enterprise: I'll blog about that soon!

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  1. Wow that is fab, am off to buy my copy later. Love the colours they do look like yummy macaroons.