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Friday, 2 November 2012

School Banners

I'm currently working on a new commission for a school banner.  There's a long deadline, which is probably not an entirely good thing as I don't want the job to stretch out over too much time, but it's nice to have the space to plan at leisure: in the past I've always seemed to be working madly to finish before Walking Day!

The first banner I made for a school was for St. Benedict's.  They had a competition for the children to design the banner, hence the nice simple children's figures with giant kipper ties!

St. Bridget's was next: a more traditional design including all the school's symbols:


The largest school banner I've made was for Sacred Heart.  The brief was to design a banner with a heart made of angel wings enclosing four pupils representing the school's diverse ethnic mix wearing recognisable depictions of the school uniform.  Phew!

You'll have to excuse the pegs you can see at the top of the photograph: the wings and children are 3-D which made the banner terribly heavy so pegging it to the washing line was the only way to get a full-size photograph!  No oversize kipper ties for Sacred Heart!

I had great fun making the children, once I'd worked out the best way to do it.  I think the little girl was my favourite, although I quite like the hairstyles on the boys and the scrunchies on the big girl's bunches.

No people whatsoever on my current commission, so watch this space for updates!

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