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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Gifts #2

I know, they're not exactly quilted items.  But, so cute!

I'm not a natural knitter, and I'm certainly not a fast knitter, but I did learn to knit on double pointed needles this year.  Although I abandoned my sock half way down the ankle (so many tiny stitches in thin wool!) I was able to use my newfound skill to make monsters instead - much more satisfying!

The little guy above is my prototype monster.  His arms, legs and ears aren't exactly childproof, as I stitched each one to him after I'd stuffed his body, and the ends of yarn do seem to want to poke out.  I'll have to keep him for myself: devastating.

Monster 2, named Fergus by his recipient is a much safer bet for little ones.  I inserted all his limbs as I made him, and tied each pair together inside his body as well as stitching them in place so there's no way any inadvertent amputations are happening.

So pleased was I with Proptoype and Fergus that I took them in to work and promptly received orders for more, hence this fella above for Debbie's grandson,

and two more for Sarah's children (who are older, and don't require felt eyes - they're past the button chewing stage!)

I was sad to see them all go so we had a farewell photo-shoot.

Bye guys!

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  1. fergus is very happy and is currently staying warm on our mantlepiece, he is slightly missing his siblings!